Zip Pay is now available on Ecwid

Give customers what they want. 55% of merchants say buy now, pay later offers a better experience for their customers, while 50% report an increase in overall sales.

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Boost ecommerce conversion with buy now, pay later at checkout.

Why does Your Ecwid Store needs Zip Pay?

20% increase in conversion and topline sales

80% increase in repeat customer rate

60% increase in AOV

20% of all sales processed through Zip

MAKE PAYMENT SEAMLESS Online or in-store, Zip means more flexibility at checkout.

TAKE ON ZERO RISK You get paid today. Your customers pay over time.

PUT YOUR CUSTOMERS FIRST Convenient installment plans with no impact on your credit score.

ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CARDS Zip, previously Quadpay, is the only Buy Now, Pay Later solution that accepts Amex and Discover along with Visa.

TAP INTO OUR COMMUNITY Introduce your brand to millions of existing Zip customers in our marketplace.

TRACK PROGRESS Easily manage customer data, order management, and reconciliation in the merchant portal.

How I start?

Simply, by installing Zip Pay for Ecwid app. After that you just have to configure necessary fields for the integration and your shop is ready to use Zip Pay.

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How do I configure the app?

Get your Zip merchant details

  1. Login to your Zip Pay Merchant Dashboard
  2. Navigate to 'Settings' -> 'Integrations' -> 'Website Integrations details'

Set data widthin the Dashboard of Zip Pay for Ecwid App

  1. Since you have all necessary data which you can read from Website Integrations details, copy/paste the following:
    1. Merchant ID
    2. Public key
    3. Private key
  2. Make sure to also check the following fields:
    1. Directly capture (immediately) the payment
    2. Allowed countries
  3. Check the rest of the data
  4. Click on the Save button
  5. You are all set
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