Zip Payments. Buy now, pay later. Anywhere

Zip Payments. Buy now, pay later. Anywhere

Give customers what they want! 55% of merchants say buy now, pay later offers a better experience for their customers, while 50% report an increase in overall sales. Customers love the flexibility of splitting their payments into 4 installments over 6 weeks. Zip, previously Quadpay, is #1 in customer support, as ranked by shoppers in an independent study of buy now, pay later providers. In turn, Zip's partner merchants enjoy higher AOV and conversion, more repeat purchases, and immediate payment. Available also on the Ecwid by Lightspeed App Market.

The app can be installed via your e-commerce dashboard. Start by navigating to "Apps" -> "App Market", then search (top left corner) for the app, click on it, and install it.

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Ecwid Zip Payments. Buy now, pay later. Anywhere
Ecwid Zip Payments. Buy now, pay later. Anywhere


$ 5 /mo

Conversion rate and Topline sales up more than 20%

Increased repeat customer rate up to 80%

Up to 20% of all sales processed through Zip

Average basket size up more than 20% and as high as 60%

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