Slide-in offers & promotions

Slide-in offers & promotions

Revolutionize Your Website's User Engagement and Conversion Rates with Our Dynamic Slide-In App. Available also on the Ecwid by Lightspeed App Market.

The app can be installed via your e-commerce dashboard. Start by navigating to "Apps" -> "App Market", then search (top left corner) for the app, click on it, and install it.

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Ecwid Slide-in offers & promotions
Ecwid Slide-in offers & promotions
Ecwid Slide-in offers & promotions


$ 3.5 /mo

Instant Engagement: Grab visitors' attention with eye-catching slide-in offers, ensuring they notice your promotions or important messages right away.

Timed Triggers: Set precise triggers for when the slide-in appears, whether it's upon landing, after a specific time, or when user logs in, maximizing its impact.

Increased Conversions: Drive higher conversion rates by delivering compelling offers or calls-to-action directly to your audience, leading to more sales and interactions.

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