Importance of Age Verification for your Ecwid Store

With a huge numbers of teens going online on a regular basis, online businesses have started taking the responsibility to prevent children from seeing explicit content by setting up the age verification process on their websites. According to a report by Pew Research Center, it is revealed that almost 93% of the teens aged between 12-17 have access to the Internet. Online age verification is important to restrict the underage from browsing age-restricted content and prevent any law-breaking.

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If a minor gets access to such websites, it can create serious problems. There are many e-commerce platforms that deal with alcohol selling, tobacco selling. The easy access to age-restricted content by children has become a major concern for parents, teachers, e-retailers.

Why does Your Ecwid Store need Age Verication Popup?

By enforcing the Age Verification on your store, online retailers can prevent children from accessing explicit content or purchasing products that are meant only for adults.

If your Ecwid store contains any explicit content that you wish to display to people of a certain age only, you can try out the Age Verification Popup by Infinit Apps. This app presents an age verification popup as soon as a visitor enters your store and asks them to confirm their age. Only after the age entered is found suitable to browse the store, permission is granted.

3 main reasons to have Age Verification Popup

  1. Filter out the visitors
  2. Comply with the law
  3. Keep minors away from your store
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